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Bizfun EOD

We provide Malaysia stock market end of day (EOD) data for technical analysis using Meta Stock charting program. Data is compatible with others charting software such as Advanced GET, Super Chart, Trade Station, Ami-broker, etc.

Data included Equities, Derivatives (FKLI and FCPO) and Sector Indices and some major world indices.

Total file size over 120MB with more than 2600 files in 25 folders.

Complete historical data in one click installation and is ready to be used (no conversion on initial setup), daily text files downloading and auto update services.


Meta Stock

Meta Stock charting program is a complete solution for serious individual investors. It comes with Industry-standard features such as flexible charting, layouts, templates, indicators, line studies, custom indicator building, system testing, powerful searching, and option analysis. It also includes a versatile tool called the Expert Advisor that lets investors watch how different investment industry gurus analyze any chart through automated analysis and multimedia tutoring.